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Corner sofa Audrey min 32 480 uah
  • Purchase in parts from PrivatBank 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 10 827 UAH / month
Corner sofa Audrey min

32 480 uah

Cashback Cashback 974 uah

  • Purchase in parts from PrivatBank 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 10 827 UAH / month
  • Product Length:210 cm
  • Sofa Depth:110 cm
  • Length of deck chair: 190 cm
  • Height: 95 cm
  • Landing depth: 60 cm
sleeping place
  • Dimensions: 200 x 140 cm
  • Mechanism: "Puma"
  • Birch plywood
  • Hard wood
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • Metal supports

Information about  sofa 

The corner sofa "Audrey mini" consists of two modular blocks and is particularly convenient. This is the model that will be able to give its owners a real pleasure because it has a high level of comfort. Buying such a sofa, you solve several issues on time: zoning the space of the room to your taste and creating an atmosphere of comfort and order in the room.

Features and benefits of a sofa "Audrey mini"

The overall dimensions of the product allow it to accommodate a whole family. Also, the model can perform the function of a berth, as it is equipped with the “Puma” sliding mechanism, which easily allows you to transform the sofa into a spacious bed. An additional convenience is the availability of a box for storing things.

wear resistance of SOFA 

“Audrey mini” is also characterized by high wear resistance, as it is made of reliable hypoallergenic materials - hardwood, birch plywood and laminated particleboard, which allow the product lasts for many years.


The sofa has a modern look due to the absence of sharp corners and the presence of stylish folds on the upholstery. Metal supports are an excellent decorative element that gives the product even more elegance. It is also possible to execute the model in any colour scheme, in accordance with the features of your interior.

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