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Corner Sofa Gemma 3x1 38 800 uah
Corner Sofa Gemma 3x1

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38 800 uah

  • Product Length:420 cm
  • Sofa Depth:110 cm
  • Length of deck chair: 160 cm
  • Height: 65 cm
  • landing depth: 60 cm
sleeping place
  • Dimensions: 330 x 155 cm
  • Mechanism: "Pantograph"
  • Birch plywood
  • Hard wood
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Impact-resistant plastic


Since the sofa is an important element of every interior, you need to take seriously the choice of model and color. This relaxation and sleep zone allows us to feel cheerful during the day, gather in a pleasant circle with relatives and friends, spend cold evenings with a cup of coffee, or enjoy summer evenings with cold drinks and our favorite soap operas.

We offer our customers a corner sofa, Gemma. This sofa can favorably emphasize the features of each interior, your personality and will become your favorite place to relax at home. Simple and at the same time sophisticated in their simplicity forms it is perfect for many rooms, from the living room to the lounge of a large office.

Also, a corner sofa has many advantages. In particular, it allows you to fill rationally the corner space. Gemma sofa is also the embodiment of originality, versatility, and novelty of the design. You can choose exactly the color that you need.

Advantages of Sofa

- Reliable and convenient mechanisms

- Spacious and comfortable berth

- Ability to choose the fabric and color yourself


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