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Corner sofa KELLY 3x1 34 240 uah
  • Purchase in parts from PrivatBank 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 11 413 UAH / month
Corner sofa KELLY 3x1

34 240 uah

Cashback Cashback 1 027 uah

  • Purchase in parts from PrivatBank 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 11 413 UAH / month
  • Product Length:335 cm
  • Length of deck chair: 190 cm
  • Height: 85 cm
  • Landing depth: 60 cm
sleeping place
  • Dimensions: 270 x 140 cm
  • Mechanism: "Dolphin"
  • Birch plywood
  • Hard wood
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • Oak tree

You should closely consider the “Kelly” corner sofa when you’re looking for an optimal solution for your living room. This option differs with not only its perfect design but also wonderful ergonomic, which is able to provide you comfort during the sleep and rest times.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and convenient shape, this sofa is able to perfectly fit the interior of any living room to become its practical and esthetical addition. This sofa comfortably accommodates the entire family, which has gathered to watch a favorite movie. You will also be well prepared to take uninvited guests.

“Kelly” corner sofa is able to give its owners sitting places, which are much sought-for by lovers of loud and fun gatherings on holidays. The product also gives sleeping places thanks to its convenient system of transformation called the “Dolphin”. It is based on rolling out the platform that’s positioned under the seating. Such transformation is so simple and safe that even a child can cope. As a result, the “Kelly” corner sofa turns into a full-fledged double bed, which will easily accommodate 2 or 3 adults.

The high quality of the filler must be mentioned. Soft polyester fiber and polyurethane foam are used as fillers – they guarantee wonderful softness and anatomically correct positioning of the human body during sleep. This sofa is suitable for everyday sleeping.

The upholstery material of the “Kelly” corner sofa is up to you when you choose from the AMERS’ online catalog. Every client can enjoy a vast selection of colors for all tastes! All clothes in the upholstery are easy to care for, wear-resistant, and long-lasting. You should give yourself comfort by ordering high-quality furniture from the Internet store AMERS!

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