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Double beds

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Double beds from AMERS

Double beds from AMERS are, as always, beautiful, durable and high-quality furniture at reasonable prices. This section presents the current models that you can buy with home delivery in an online store or at retail outlets in different regions of Ukraine.

In the entire history of humanity, there has not been created such furniture that would be more fit and convenient for a night's rest than a double bed.

Any transformable designs, no matter how close they are in operational parameters and in appearance, are not able to become as comfortable and favorable for health as an ordinary bed with a high-quality orthopedic mattress.

AMERS double beds have a flawless appearance, quality performance, and comfortable sleeping conditions for many years.

An important feature of AMERS upholstered furniture is attention to detail. In the presented products you will find design solutions that help make the bed more comfortable, practical and safe.

Among such solutions, which can be found in different models, are:

  • Soft upholstery around the perimeter of some models - taking care of your safety;
  • A capacious box for bedding;
  • The mechanism of lifting the mattress with gas-filled racks - thanks to it, access to the lower compartment is very simple and convenient;
  • Removable bottom, which allows you to clean at any convenient time, without having to move the bed;
  • A carefully selected angle of the headboard that makes it easy to read a book or watch TV right after waking up or before bedtime.

Production of double beds

AMERS beds are made from hardwood using birch plywood. The metal legs in the construction of heavy models provide the necessary strength - even a few years after purchase, the furniture remains stable.

The sizes of AMERS double beds are approximately equal to or slightly larger than the American Queen size format, which is enough for users of almost any physique.

For all questions regarding double beds and other AMERS furniture, please consult our staff. Just write or call us.

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