How can your sofa look?

The main characteristics of soft furniture "Amers" are modern design, compactness, reliability and functionality. This is what our customers say is the key advantage when choosing our furniture.

TM "AMERS" represents a variety of fabric combinations that will satisfy any client's imagination and emphasize your individual style. You can choose almost any color from a variety of options for genuine leather and fabric upholstery.

Combination options
Types of supports

Models of sofas and corners can have supports from various materials: chrome, wood, metal or plastic. You can choose the color of the tree and match it with other furniture in the living room.

You can choose to turn the corner, directed in such a way that it corresponds to the design of the room in which it will be located. In TM "AMERS" the U-turn is determined by the location of the side of the deck-chair if you look at the sofa. For example: the right corner is the one in which a chaise lounge is on the right side of the product if you are standing in front of the furniture.

Variant of a turn
Types of stitches

You can choose the shade of the thread, depending on the type of upholstery. If you need an inconspicuous finish - select the shade of the thread in the upholstery color. If you want to emphasize the uniqueness and individual character of your furniture - select a thread of contrasting color.

Features of the principle of transformation determine the simplicity or complexity of using the functional component of the sofa. This is exactly the moment when you must try to lay out the upholstered furniture, making sure that this is the most comfortable sofa for you.

The transformation mechanism
Types of laminate

In some cases, depending on the collection of sofas, you can combine not only the color of the upholstery and supports, but also the color and appearance of the laminated decor. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. This is an important element of furniture with a certain shade and texture will be a guarantee of uniqueness and individuality.