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Straight Sofa Gracie 39 975 uah
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 13 325 UAH / month
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from Monobank
    • 3 months 13 325 UAH / month
Straight Sofa Gracie new Patent

39 975 uah

Передплата 19 988 uah

  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 13 325 UAH / month
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from Monobank
    • 3 months 13 325 UAH / month
  • Product Length:315 cm
  • Sofa Depth:105 cm
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Landing depth: 60 cm
sleeping place
  • Dimensions: 210 x 150 cm
  • Mechanism: "Pantograph"
  • Birch plywood
  • Hard wood
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • Metal supports

Do you want to buy a beautiful and comfortable sleeping sofa? Take a look at this modern model and check out its benefits. The Gracie straight sofa is ideal for sleeping and relaxing. Upholstered furniture harmoniously fits into the interior and is combined with other elements!


This is a unique model that combines enhanced comfort and sophistication. The spring "Snake" and polyurethane foam are used as a filler. This design does not deform and is used for a long time.

The filler has good elasticity and easily restores its shape. The "Snake" spring has excellent orthopedic properties. Therefore, sleeping on the Gracie sofa is a pleasure!

How does the sofa unfold? This model provides the Pantograph mechanism. The advantages of this solution include ease of unfolding and folding, high functionality and practicality.

The Gracie straight sofa is a great option for the living room! Upholstered furniture is made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. One of the notable features of this model is the soft pillows. They retain their original shape for a long time and give comfort. Another feature of the Gracie sofa is the headrests. This is an important benefit that buyers appreciate.


The Gracie straight sofa is not only a functional item. It is an important element of the interior, bringing new notes to the environment. The design of the sofa is thought out to the smallest detail. The fabric is used as upholstery, which is characterized by wear resistance and visual appeal.
Choose this wonderful sofa and give yourself or your guests a good night's sleep!

The AMERS company manufactures modern upholstered furniture and provides a product warranty. You will like our sofa and will serve you for many years!

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