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Straight sofa JEMMA 38 800 uah
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 12 933 UAH / month
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from Monobank
    • 3 months 12 933 UAH / month
Straight sofa JEMMA Patent

38 800 uah

Передплата 19 400 uah

  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from PrivatBank
    • 3 months 12 933 UAH / month
  • 3 mon.
    Purchase in parts from Monobank
    • 3 months 12 933 UAH / month
  • Product Length:306 cm
  • Sofa Depth:110 cm
  • Height: 85 cm
  • Landing depth: 60 cm
sleeping place
  • Dimensions: 220 x 155 cm
  • Mechanism: "Pantograph"
  • Birch plywood
  • Hard wood
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Impact-resistant plastic

Information about  sofa

Modern sofas are not simply an element of everyday life. Now it is a kind of artwork that can demonstrate the unique character of homeowners. Today, a properly matched sofa can become one of the largest advantages of the room. After all, often a sofa is the first thing that guests, relatives or friends pay attention to when they enter the apartment, and it can form an opinion about the owners.

Therefore, choosing the model "Gemma", you buy, first of all, a product that will decorate and enhance the appearance of the entire interior in your home. Such an elegant straight sofa is very popular with buyers because this is precisely the case when the product is a sign of abundance and comfort.

Features and benefits of a sofa 

Despite its magnificent appearance, the sofa is practical and functional. It will easily accommodate a large company or family. The model has several cushions included, plenty of space to sit or sleep and a large storage box. The convenient “Pantograph” mechanism makes it easy to turn the sofa into a bed and enjoy a healthy sleep. You can also choose an upholstery colour to your liking and discretion.

wear resistance of SOFA

In addition, the sofa "Gemma" is extremely high quality and durable, as it is made of proven and reliable materials - solid wood, birch plywood and laminated particleboard, which are not allergic and have high wear resistance. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a better and more reliable model that would make any home so beautiful and cosy.

Макс 20.05.2023

Отличный бренд, Очень качественная продукция! Я долго выбирал что-то особенное! Оно конечно есть, но это стоит в разы дороже! Я думаю, Amers это находка для людей со вкусом! Желаю процветания и расширения ассортимента в «мебельном мире»!

Роман Олієвський 02.05.2023

Замовляв диван Джема в тканині Monolith-85. Швидко було виконано замовлення та безкоштовно доставлено в Луцьк. Дуже задоволений якістю дивана, гарний дизайн, якісна тканина, комфортний, все виконано бездогано. Диван красиво вписався у інтерєр. Роблю ще одне замовлення. Рекомендую купувати дивани на фабриці AMERS

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