Warranty for furniture from "Amers"

In case of occurrence of the warranty case, please call the service numbers indicated in the coupon, at the place of sale or the manufacturer.

Warranty conditions

 1. Furniture factory TM "AMERS" guarantees the operation of its products during the entire warranty period, as well as free repair of manufacturing defects that may be caused by unsatisfactory quality of raw materials, or a violation of manufacturing technology.

2. Claims for the appearance of the product, incomplete of pieces, as well as non-compliance with the order are accepted only directly when the product is received by the Buyer. In the future such claims are not accepted and all works are performed only at the expense of the Buyer.

3. The warranty period for the goods is counted from the date of receipt of the product by the Buyer.

4. The warranty card is kept by the Buyer during the entire warranty period and must be provided if it is necessary to carry out repairs during the warranty period.

5. Warranty service is carried out within 15 days from the moment of import of the product to production and includes the carrying out of repair work and replacement of defective parts of the product. The warranty period for the product is extended only for the duration of the product being on repair. Warranty obligations apply to repaired or replaced parts until the end of the product warranty.

6. In case of occurrence of the warranty case, please contact the phone numbers of the service department indicated in the garranty card, the store of sale or the manufacturer.

7. Warranty does not apply to leather substitutes if they are used on seats, armrests or backrests of the product.

Warranty service is not carried out in the following cases

1. Completion of the warranty period.

2. Absence of the warranty card or the presence in the ticket of additional records not related to the manufacturer.

3. Failure to comply with the instructions and rules stated in the product passport, the presence of mechanical damages on the product, exceeding the permissible loads on the transformation mechanism.

4. Damage to the product caused by ingress into the product of foreign objects, substances, animals, insects, etc..

5. Self-repair or repair carried out by other organizations.

6. Damage caused by changes in its construction.

7. Use of the product for production purposes.


1. You can return the sofa within 14 days, bought in stock in any of our stores or from the warehouse program in our online store. We will compensate the entire amount, except for shipping costs.

2. Furniture made to the individual order of the Buyer, return or exchange is not subject to return it because it is a custom made good produced for your individual needs.