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Loyalty program

Like any other company that appreciates its regular customers and takes care of them, we have developed our own loyalty program. In such matters, excessive complexity is impractical, so we simply decided to save money from each purchase on the client’s personal account so that they could be used in the future.

The principle is simple:

Spend money on new goods

For each buyer who registers in our system and buys AMERS furniture over the Internet, we open a bonus account. It is credited with 3% of each purchase made in the online store.

This bonus is a kind of “cashback” from AMERS, which cannot be received in cash on hand, but can be saved and used to buy new furniture or accessories in the future.

CASHBACK 3% of the price of the furniture you buy is postponed for your future shopping

On order you will receive: 100 uah bonuses


On your bonus account: 500 uah

Use bonuses

How to use the service?

To take advantage of this opportunity, you do not need to fill out applications or anything like that. Just register in the system. Each customer who orders furniture in the AMERS online store automatically becomes a member of this loyalty program.

3% is accumulated in your personal account based on the results of each purchase. You can check the balance of bonus funds in the basket of the online store. When making the next purchase, you can choose one of two options:

  • Use bonuses;
  • Continue to accumulate.

The selection is carried out using the on / off slider (button).



Buying a sofa for 30 000 UAH., you get 900 bonus hryvnias according to the AMERS loyalty program. Buying a bed in the future for 15 000 UAH., you can use these 900 UAH. and really pay only 14 100 UAH., that is, to save your real money. If you decide to pay the full price of the bed, then your bonus account will already be 1350 UAH. (900 UAH. + 450 UAH.), and, for example, a pouf, which costs 2700 UAH, you will then receive only for half price!


  • Our (that is, your) bonus funds do not burn out - we do not bind them to a certain validity period. This means that having received them when paying for the armchair now, you can spend them in a year, two or even three, when you decide to buy a new chair. Or a week after you really appreciate the quality of our products and want more AMERS furniture in your home;
  • Bonuses are valid only when buying goods in our online store. They cannot be used to purchase AMERS goods in ordinary furniture stores;
  • Bonuses are not real money, they cannot be received in cash on hand or pay with them for purchases in other online stores.

* The loyalty program is available only to registered AMERS customers. The company reserves the right to change the terms of the loyalty program unilaterally.

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