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Modular sofas

AMERS modular sofas

AMERS modular sofas are the most modern type of sofas. They allow you to make changes to the configuration that distinguishes them from a simpler corner and direct models.

Being assembled from separate modules, such furniture can be disassembled at any time and again assembled in a new configuration.

A modular sofa is like a designer in the world of upholstered furniture. Such a concept implies the possibility of adding new modules, separating them and using them as separate pieces of furniture, reinstalling the left corner on the right side, etc.

A modular sofa often allows you to experiment with interior design without having to buy new furniture. In addition, such a kit is easier to load/unload and transport than ordinary non-separable products.

When assembled, the modular sofa is no less stable and durable than a regular one. Special fasteners guarantee a reliable connection between the modules. Such a kit can be disassembled into parts as easily as it is assembled - in just a few minutes.

Modular sofas, at least, are not inferior, and in many cases are able to give odds to any other furniture in terms of design. Their price is higher than the classic versions of the same size and made of similar materials. This is explained by the high consumption of these materials and the presence of additional furniture fittings.

Modular sofas are the best choice.

The AMERS production program includes modular sofas made in different design styles. Thanks to this, everyone can choose a model that can harmoniously complement a specific interior. All relevant products can be seen in this section of the catalog.

Modular sofas are usually able to transform into a bed. To do this, each or some of the modules in the kit are equipped with a folding mechanism. Having correctly configured the sofa, you can create a truly large and comfortable, albeit a spare berth.

In the manufacture of all models, only the highest quality materials are used, capable of providing a high level of comfort and a high resource of the product.

Modular sofas. Where to buy?

You can buy AMERS modular sofas and other furniture of the manufacturer in our online store or in furniture stores in different regions of Ukraine. Information about the cities where you can buy our furniture and store addresses can be found in the section "Where to buy?" Customers can order sofas, armchairs, and beds with home delivery. To get information about the models you are interested in, just give us a call or write.

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