About company


The brand of upholstered furniture TM "Amers" was founded in 1998. Exactly this period starts the furniture industry of Ukraine and begins the transition from the import of products from neighboring countries to the manufacture of its own furniture. The priority direction of the company was chosen to make the product of the price segment “medium +” or “familyclass”. This trend has continued to this day.


We never stand still and constantly update our model range, follow the current trends in the design world, study new technologies and successfully apply this knowledge in the production of new products. The main characteristic of upholstered furniture TM "Amers" is high functionality. According to our customers, this is the main advantage when choosing our products. The reliance on thorough assembly control at all stages of production and a variety of model range allows our products to be represented in almost any type of interior and premises.


All furniture factories had and have a huge choice of production fittings and each brand personally decides what quality product it intends to deliver to its customers. Upholstered furniture is a product that is closely related to human life. Due to physiology, we spend a third of our lives in a dream, which means that this impressive period of time can be distinguished as contact with upholstered furniture of various types. We made a principled and unchangeable decision to abandon cheap raw materials and to put in the products only reliable and certified materials from Ukrainian and European manufacturers. The buyer often pursues savings - this is logical and natural. But let's try to figure it out. Upholstered furniture consists of many components and a lower price is achieved only through cheaper components. We are talking about the cheap mechanisms of transformation, low-grade materials for the frame, the installation of polyurethane foam on the seat whose density is not designed for increased loads, cheap fabric and most importantly savings on production personnel. Since upholstered furniture is purchased on average once every 10 years, we recommend buying furniture only from quality, time-tested and certified components. A quality sofa is a guarantee of your good sleep and health.


We have tremendous experience and knowledge, since we have been producing upholstered furniture for over 20 years. We certainly know how to make your sofa has universal consumer properties, durable and most importantly eco-friendly. Our range includes a wide range of upholstered furniture: modular, corner and straight sofas, armchairs, padded stools, beds, pillows and other accessories for upholstered furniture. Our goal is continuous self-improvement in order to create a decent product for your home.

With kind regurds collective of TM “Amers”.