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Corner sofas

Сorner sofas. Catalog

"AMERS" corner sofas are comfortable and attractive furniture. All products of the manufacturer are characterized by quality materials and at least qualitatively design. A wide production program allows everyone to choose a model for their taste and requirements. The AMERS corner sofa provides the most efficient use of space in your home.

Where to Buy AMERS Corner Sofas?

You can buy AMERS corner sofas both in our online store and in furniture stores in different regions of Ukraine. The list of cities where AMERS is represented and the addresses of stores can be found in the section "Where to buy?" In any of the options, you can order furniture with home delivery.

Corner differs from other types of sofas and, moreover, from beds not only in design and appearance but by the functions performed. It is especially convenient to relax for two persons or a company.

Sections located at right angles allow you to sit half-turn to the person you are talking to, and if you have a low table in front of the sofa, you can combine communication and dining.

The presence of an additional part of the seat, which direct sofas do not have, is an additional, very important “bonus” during the watching movies.

Advantages of corner sofas

Among other advantages, the corner sofa can turn into a spacious double bed. An additional folded section is hidden in the lower part of the structure (regardless of the type of folding mechanism) and does not take up space at all. In addition, most of the models presented in this section have a spacious compartment for storing bedding.

The size of the created berth is close to the Queen size standard, which is considered sufficient for two people of almost any physique.

AMERS corner sofas are one of the designer’s tools to make any interior more cozy and functional.

In the production of AMERS corner sofas, are used wood materials (solid wood, birch plywood, laminated particleboard) that do not emit harmful substances. Legs of different models can be made of durable plastic, wood or metal. The set of materials that form the soft “pie” of the filler, as well as the upholstery of sofas, differ from model to model.

"AMERS" consultants are ready to answer your questions about upholstered furniture from this catalog. Just write or call us.



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