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AMERS furniture is a quality product made of appropriate materials and components. We produce it, and therefore we know about it better than anyone else. That is why we safely we provide a guarantee of 18 months on any AMERS brand products.

Ukrainian legislation has certain requirements regarding the manufacturer's guarantee obligations to buyers. In addition, among manufacturers there are rules for providing such guarantees that do not violate state requirements.

Working in this environment, we provide 18 months warranty on conditions that are familiar and acceptable to everyone: for us, as a manufacturer, for sellers, buyers and regulatory authorities. It is this approach that allows us to fulfill our guarantee obligations in the most familiar and understandable way for consumers.

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18-month warranty

There are some of the most important points about the AMERS furniture guarantee, which buyers need to keep in mind:

  • The manufacturer undertakes to eliminate problems associated with the operation of AMERS furniture if it is caused by manufacturing defect or the poor quality of materials or components;
  • Claims regarding appearance are accepted only upon receipt of the goods. The same applies to the inconsistency of the order or its incompleteness;
  • The guarantee period begins on the day the buyer receives the goods;
  • Product passport - the main document confirming your right to guarantee service and repair. It is important to keep the guarantee coupon during the guarantee period, so that, if necessary, you can present it to the seller or manufacturer;
  • The standard guarantee or repair service period is 15 days after delivery of the goods to the manufacturer. Guarantee repairs may include the replacement of defective or imperfect parts or details;
  • After performing such a repair, the guarantee is not extended for a new period and is calculated from the day of purchase, and not from the day the product is returned from repair. It is possible to extend the guarantee for the period of the goods being in repair or service;
  • When a guarantee event occurs, you can contact customer service (telephone numbers are indicated in the guarantee card), the seller or the manufacturer of the product;
  • The guarantee does not cover materials that wear out under normal operating conditions, such as upholstery for sofas and armchairs.

Conditions for denial of guarantee service or repair

There are cases in which the manufacturer has the legal right to refuse repair. These cases are regulated by law and are generally accepted for all market participants. Such cases include:

  • Expiration of the guarantee period - in this case, all actions related to the repair or maintenance of the goods are paid by the buyer, that is, the owner of the goods;
  • The absence of a product passport or the presence of marks in it that are not related to this particular manufacturer;
  • In the presence of obvious mechanical damage or other signs that may indicate improper use of the products, which, in turn, could cause a guarantee case. The operating rules can be found in the product passport;
  • If any foreign objects or creatures that could cause destruction or damage to the product get inside the product, maintenance or repair may also be refused;
  • If signs of self-repair are detected, attempts are made to such repairs, or after design changes;
  • The manufacturer will not repair the product if it is used for other purposes - for industrial purposes, in business, etc.


The legislation clearly prescribes the conditions for the return of goods by the buyer to the seller:

  • You can return the goods within 14 days after their purchase. You can return products purchased both in our stores and in the online store. In this case, the full cost of the goods will be refunded, except for the cost of shipping it.
  • Furniture made by the individual order of the buyer is non-refundable

You can return the item within


days of purchase

* At AMERS, we strive to produce quality furniture that does not need to be repaired or serviced under guarantee, and even more so that you do not want to return it within 14 days or even a year after the purchase.

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