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AMERS Upholstered furniture factory

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company history

Factory of upholstered furniture TM "Amers" was founded in 1998. During this period begins the furniture industry of Ukraine and the transition from the import of products from neighboring countries to the manufacture of its own furniture.

First, the priority direction of the company was chosen to manufacture the product in the price segment "medium +" or "family class". This trend has continued until today.

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We have vast experience and knowledge, as we have been producing upholstered furniture for more than 20 years


We have been making quality furniture for 20 years

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Online furniture store AMERS

We are AMERS - a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of upholstered furniture with twenty years of experience. And is our online store, the most convenient place to choose and buy furniture without leaving your home.

Here you will find all the latest products from the AMERS product range, get acquainted with their characteristics and even be able to consult with our specialists to be sure of the right choice.

The site also has a designer, which can help you to create your own sofa configuration, pick up the upholstery of the "right" shade for it and, in general, to personalize it as much as possible to your taste.


The basis of our range is formed by:


In the corresponding section of the catalog, you will find direct-type sofas, corner, and modular options. In each of the groups, there are many models that differ in style, materials, methods of folding and, of course, in price. In addition, the buyer can order one of many upholstery colors for each model, which makes the choice even wider.


The range includes beautiful double beds - incredibly stylish and comfortable. Look at their images and read reviews to make sure that this is exactly what you need.


In this section, you can choose and buy a soft chair for your home. Among the presented options you will find both classic non-folding models, and folding upholstered armchairs with berth.

The chair-bed is used as a spare bed for guests or even as a standard single bed, which can be folded down in the daytime to save space in a small room or apartment.


Lovely and inexpensive poufs are an additional, auxiliary element in the arrangement of your home, which allows you to raise your rest conditions to a new level. Choose a model and one of two dozen shades of upholstery, and we will try to deliver the finished pouf to your home as quickly as possible.

Pillows and accessories.

In these sections of the catalog you will find small and inexpensive, but such necessary little things that help make life more cozy and comfortable.


At AMERS, we are trying to create furniture that anyone can afford. This does not mean that we strive to do cheap things, on the contrary, our goal is to produce the highest quality and most attractive furniture, but in different price segments. Check the prices in the catalog to find out which furniture is right for you.

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