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How to protect the sofa from cat claws?

Cats are not only cute, but also dirty animals. A torn sofa, armchair or other upholstered furniture is a real problem for the owners. In our article you will learn how to solve this problem and protect furniture upholstery from pets.

How to protect the sofa from cat claws?

Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives, but at the same time they cause a lot of trouble. For four-legged friends, especially cats, one of their favorite activities is to sharpen their claws on the sofa. As a result, the furniture loses its original appearance, forcing its owners to swear and restrict the movement of the pet around the house. The tenants of rented apartments, who are financially responsible for the furniture, face the biggest difficulties. In order to forget about the pressing problem once and for all, we will tell you how to protect the sofa from cats.

Ways to protect your sofa from cat claws

Pets don't tear furniture for fun. This is one way to keep your nails sharp and healthy at all times. The best way to please yourself and your pet is to buy a scratching post and put it next to the furniture. But there is one problem - you need to accustom yourself to adaptation from an early age, an adult animal is very difficult to train. And not all cats will like the cheapest "sharpeners". Therefore, the owners have to resort to tricks, which we will discuss below.

Vandal-proof fabric

Many manufacturers produce special anti-vandal material. It has high density, softness and resistance to damage. After exposure to claws, there are no traces of scratches and puffs on the surface.

If you're looking for something to cover your cat couch with, there are three options. They all belong to the anti-vandal category:

  • Artificial suede. Possesses high strength and texture pleasant to the touch. It is widely used as an upholstery material for armchairs and sofas;
  • Flock ("Anti-claw"). This modification differs from the standard flock by the presence of Teflon impregnation. Visually, the material is no different, therefore it takes its rightful place in the interior. Due to its high density, there are no claw marks on the surface of even large animals;
  • Velveteen. The material has a high density, but has a rough texture. Therefore, corduroy is mainly used for sofas in the budget segment.

These fabrics are presented in a wide palette of colors and shades, which will provide reliable protection from cats without breaking the style unity in the interior design. At your discretion, you can do the hauling of the sofa with your own hands or use the services of a master.

Protective sofa cover for cats

If you do not want to permanently change the look of upholstered furniture, you can purchase a replacement cover. Cat sofa covers have a number of advantages:

  • Reliable protection of the structure from the effects of cats: claws, urine, etc.;
  • The ability to hide the traces of "pranks" of pets;
  • Pets are unlearning to scratch the sofa, as they like to sharpen their claws on stable and hard surfaces, and not fidgeting material;
  • Updating the appearance of furniture.

The only drawback of the removable cover is its relatively high cost. Naturally, the tire will cost less than new furniture, but it will still hit your pocket.

Protective pad for furniture from scratching cats

If the cover is too expensive or impractical for you, you can buy the sofa covers from cats at a lower price. Protective devices cling to the most problematic areas - those areas that the animal loves most of all. Over time, the cat will admit defeat in the intellectual battle and leave the furniture alone.

Fabric overlays stand out against the general background of the sofa and may not look aesthetically pleasing, but the main covering will remain intact.

Cat Sofa Stickers

Let me tell you one secret: Pets don't like to pick up sticky and slippery materials. Therefore, you can glue the transparencies to cat furniture in problem areas. They are made of non-toxic and pet-friendly material, and also do not disturb the appearance of the furniture. Due to its high density, the sofa will not be damaged even if your pet decides to scratch the sticker.

Note: Pads and stickers are the best protection for your sofa armrests from cats. Many pet lovers ditch this design element when buying furniture because it attracts pets the most. But in this case, the product has an unfinished look. Now you know how to protect the armrests of the sofa from the claws of a cat, and you don't have to limit yourself in choosing furniture.

How to stop a cat from tearing up furniture

For the most naughty cats who continue to tear up furniture despite all the obstacles, there are alternative ways.

Means from cats for furniture

In furniture and veterinary stores, special sprays are sold, the smell of which discourages the desire to sharpen claws and generally be on the couch. For pets, there are also sprayers "No place!" and “Place yes” to train the cat to do natural necessities in the designated area. The effectiveness of such funds is 50%. Over time, pets can get used to the scent and continue their pranks.

Before processing the sofa so that the cat does not tear, check with the furniture manufacturer if the fabric is designed for processing with such compounds.

Claw attachments

In pet stores you will find silicone cat claws. They are securely fixed with glue and will help protect not only furniture, but also other interior items. The disadvantage is that the caps need to be changed every few weeks. Therefore, before weaning a cat to tear furniture in this way, answer yourself to the question, are you ready for such troubles.

Claw trimming

This is a radical path if other methods have proven ineffective. Only the upper part of the claw can be removed. Therefore, your pet will not experience much pain or discomfort. At first, the pet will slip a little when jumping on furniture or other structures, but over time it will get used to it.

Folk remedies for protecting furniture from cats

We are often asked how to protect a leather sofa from a cat at a low cost. To discourage your pet from sharpening its claws, use the following tools:

  • Orange or camphor oil. Usually cats begin to tear the sofa from below, this is like a warm-up. To wean your pet, wipe the area with orange tree extract. A couple of drops will be enough;
  • Strong alcohol. Cats cannot stand the smell of alcohol, but be careful. An alcoholic product reduces the sensitivity of receptors and can have a bad effect on the central nervous system;
  • Wormwood tincture. Apply next to your couch before leaving home. After two hours, the person does not feel a pungent odor, but the animals will bypass the treated area.

Scare away

It is only about humane ways. Let's tell you more about how to scare a cat away from furniture. To do this, next to the sofa, you can do the following:

  • Spread out the sandpaper or put the adhesive tape up;
  • Install tin cans next to the armrest - when they fall, they make a loud sound and force the pet to leave;
  • Treat sofa legs with lemon juice, which is disgusting to animals.

As a trick, you can attach a scratching post to the sofa from the side of the armrest. It will seem to the cat that it is tearing the furniture, but in fact it will sharpen its claws without harming the interior item.

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