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Sofa or bed: what's better?

Which is better: cats or dogs? At first glance, this is a meaningless and endless debate, because there are always arguments in favor of both animals. But considering them from the point of view of a particular host, things are not so difficult. Cats and homeowners are more comfortable with cats, but in the private sector, a person who enjoys outdoor activities, long walks and who needs a security guard for a home is more likely to choose a dog. The same situation with sofas and beds: just decide on the requirements and conditions of use, and the choice will be obvious.

Sofa or bed: what's better?

You never thought that the sofa is like a dog: it loves wakefulness, interesting pastime, noisy companies, drinks, and snacks. At the same time, the bed is a typical cat: calm, domestic and does not like outsiders. Each of them has its own characteristics that deserve attention. And in some cases, a bed and a sofa set (like a cat with a dog) is exactly what your home needs.

As there are ossified cat-lovers and dog lovers, there are lovers of beds and sofas, for which no arguments in favor of the opponent work. If you are one of them - just succumb to your nature and choose a bed or sofa that will best meet the expected operating conditions.


In a spacious house with several rooms, it is optimal to have both. Each of these pieces of furniture is preferable for solving specific problems: a bed - as a place designed exclusively for sleeping, and a sofa - for daytime and evening relaxation, watching movies, reading books, gatherings with friends.


Some users are especially sensitive to sleep conditions: a little bit of what is wrong and their quality worsens, or even insomnia begins. It is difficult to refute the fact that only some folding sofas with orthopedic mattresses can compare with beds as a condition for sleeping.


If you are the owner of a small apartment or studio where the efficient use of space is especially important, then it is best for you to buy universal, multifunctional furniture. A good, high-quality folding sofa can create good conditions for a night's rest. At other times, being folded, it does not take up much space and successfully performs the functions of a classic non-folding.


A bed in the living room or a massive non-folding leather sofa in the bedroom is not always appropriate. Although, if an old restored motorcycle is hanging on the opposite wall in this bedroom, then why not.

 If no other criteria play any role for you, and the question can be formulated more accurately: "what is better for sleep?", then choose a bed.

Just pay attention to the type and quality of the mattress. Old cotton mattresses on beds with a spring base are not at all useful for a spine. Then a good sofa is better. A high-quality orthopedic mattress on a normal base made of wooden lamellas is exactly what is comfortable and healthy to sleep on.

If the conditions in your house suggest that you have to sleep on the sofa, it does not matter. The main thing in the selection process is not to forget about the key areas of attention:

The rigidity of the mattress.

It should not be too soft. Better is a harder, but flat surface that can support the body in a horizontal position for a long time. Soft leather sofas that are comfortable for watching movies are absolutely unsuitable for use as a bed. In extreme cases - for a few nights.

Materials designed for intensive use.

In this matter, you will have to rely on the information received from the seller, on the data in the product’s passport (or in the warranty card) and on the image of the manufacturer. The fact is that inexpensive models can push themselves too quickly in certain places if they are used as a berth. Especially for large users. As a result, furniture becomes unattractive and uncomfortable.

Folding mechanism.

Find out what type of mechanism is used in the model you are interested in. Try how it works, inspect it visually, evaluate the metal thickness and the quality of workmanship. The jammed folding mechanism can be incredibly annoying with daily use.

Compartment for storing bedding.

With daily folding, bedding must be put somewhere and stored somewhere. If the volume of the lower compartment is not enough, then this may cause problems.


Consider the size of the berth. For people of average height and complexion, most models will be quite convenient, but tall or large users should pay special attention to this parameter. Compare the size of the berth with the typical size of the beds.

If you still have any doubts about what furniture to choose – contact us. AMERS consultants will tell you about the models that are on sale and will try to help you make the right choice.

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