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How to choose a good sofa

If you need to care for the sofa as a pet or as a man (we have written about it before), then it is necessary to choose it as wine - only for your taste. It is not necessary for everyone to see your sofa who will see or sit on it. The main thing is that it gives you pleasure because it is up to you to "drink" it every day.

How to choose a good sofa



As in the case of wine, before you evaluate all the advantages of a sofa, you have the opportunity to enjoy its appearance. Or not enjoy it. It all depends on how thoughtful your choice was, how much you relied on it to your taste, and not on outside advice.

It only gets better over time

The value of aged wine is often many times greater than the value of a young drink in the same bottle of the same composition. Of course, you do not preserve the sofa and do not hide it in the cellar stored in optimal conditions. But you can make sure that after a year, two, or even after five years of operation, it looks as worthy and appropriate in your interior as on the day of purchase.

For this purpose, it is necessary to choose unusual models. In such matters, the style in which the furniture is made does not play a key role, because classical models are already such and will remain so in the future, and modern models, if they are worthy of this, will certainly comprehend the same role. The question is the ability to evaluate the true quality of the design and rely on your own taste.


Surprisingly, just as professionals can appreciate the quality of a wine by the aroma of it, so by the smell of a new sofa you can determine what class of furniture is in front of you. Have you ever inhaled the smell of the interior of a new expensive car? Did you feel the stench of cheap? It is the same with sofas: high-quality upholstery and frame materials can have a neutral or pleasant smell, and caustic fumes of filler materials, if they are felt, should alert the buyer. You don’t want your household to breathe THIS?

Structure, density

When tasting wine, special attention is paid to its density. A drink that spreads like water and does not remain on the tongue does not bring such pleasure as a variant with a pronounced taste. With sofas as well. Of course, you do not need to try them on the tooth, but sitting on it, you will probably understand whether it is able to satisfy your requirements, providing the necessary level of comfort.


Read the label on the bottle, otherwise, you risk drinking in the evening something you quite not wanted. When choosing upholstered furniture, read the information in the passport and / or ask the sales assistant about what materials the frame is made of, what is in the filler, what material the upholstery is made of and how to care for it. This will help you better understand if this model is right for you.

Type / variety

As some prefer white dry, while others prefer red semisweet, the same is with sofas. Some buyers are looking for large, soft, dark leather classic products, while others like compact folding models with colorful and bright upholstery. This does not mean that some are better, while others are worse. Just everyone is looking for and finds in them something of their own.


If you have frankly cheap wine in front of you - leave it on a shelf. It is almost never made from good raw materials and can compete with high-quality wine neither in taste nor in the aroma. The same story is with sofas. To create a worthy product, you need to hire professionals to buy high-quality equipment and materials.

There is another side of the factor “price” - too expensive. In the case of wine, “too expensive” means that either the product is incredibly exclusive (old wine, a good year, few bottles, and it’s just impossible to make a similar product), or the seller has become generous with marketing and brand promotion, and now he’s trying to return these costs from your pockets. In any case, do you need it?

The same is with the sofas, some manufacturers push their brand into all magazines to enable customers to pay dearly for it and to amuse their ego.

If you try to stay away from the lyrics and be guided by practical rules of choice, then you need to highlight the following areas of attention:

Upholstery seams.

A neat, smooth, continuous seam is the first sign that the manufacturer has qualified personnel, and quality control is at an altitude.

Uniform joints.

Check the joints between parts from all sides. If they seem too big or too small for you - it does not matter, the main thing is that they be uniform and the same on all sides. Uniform joints are an important feature of responsible assembly.

Upholstery tension.

Here the rule is the same as for the joints - the tension of the upholstery should be the same along the entire length of the fit to the frame. If at an exhibition or exhibit you like, the upholstery at least in one place departs from the frame - it is better to look for another model or even another manufacturer.

The nature of the hardware.

Try to fold the sofa several times. So you will not only understand how convenient the transformation scheme is, but you will also be able to evaluate the quality of the hardware.

Remember that the nature of the operation of expensive and cheap light switches in a car is different.

After all, this “click” can be completely different. The same with furniture fittings. Visually, you can evaluate the thickness of the sheet from which the parts are made (preferably from 3 mm or more), as well as the quality of the paint.

Of course, for a reliable quality assessment, it is desirable to evaluate the filler and frame materials, but in finished products, they can not be reached. Therefore, it remains to be guided by clear signs that are always available.

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