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Which furniture is the most practical? What is the most convenient? What is better for giving and what is for the home? How to remove stains from the upholstery? Which upholstery is best for the home with a cat or dog? How to arrange furniture to make the room seem more spacious? What color of upholstery choose for beige walls?

Choosing, buying furniture and caring for it - seem to be simple questions, but only at first glance. Faced with such worries, you begin to look for useful information and all sorts of tips that can help with their solution.

We are AMERS, a well-known manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Ukraine. For many years, we have been studying, producing, producing and re-learning.

The scope of our activity involves a thorough knowledge of the materials used to make upholstered furniture, their performance properties, as well as the theory of design and the rules for using furniture in the design of premises. This knowledge is the source of that important information and potentially useful advice that can help buyers and users of furniture in resolving their issues.


In this section, you will find tips regarding the selection of upholstered furniture, care for it, tips on how to arrange furniture in a room, how to properly equip a new apartment or house, as well as many other useful and interesting information.

We are ready to give advice on the selection, purchase, and operation of any furniture from our production program: direct, modular and corner sofas, soft armchairs with and without a berth, poufs, double beds, as well as pillows and accessories. You can find some of these tips in the section "Useful Information" right now, others will be added over time.

Please remember that any questions regarding AMERS upholstered furniture can be answered by our consultants. Just use the appropriate form in the lower right corner of the page. You can also write to us by e-mail or call the phone numbers listed in the "Contact Information" block.



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