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How to choose a sofa for daily sleep?

Choosing the right sofa for sleeping is a task that needs close attention. Why? We sleep for the third part of our lives. For sleep to be strong and healthy, the bed should be comfortable and spacious. The quality of sleep depends on the ability to work throughout the day and mood.

How to choose a sofa for daily sleep?


An orthopedic sofa bed is a great alternative to a bulky bed that does not fit in a small apartment. This is furniture that is ideal for a comfortable bed. On the orthopedic sofa you can relax after work, read a book and get a good night’s sleep.

What are the features of such furniture? The anatomical position of the body is maintained on the orthopedic sofa. Therefore, the spine is not curved and does not create intervertebral tension. This has a positive effect on the work of internal organs and the quality of sleep. The orthopedic sofa provides the correct position of a back during rest and promotes full-fledged relaxation. This is a guarantee that in the morning you will feel great and go to your goals!

When choosing a sofa for daily sleep, be guided by the following points:

sofa frame - a key parameter on which depends the durability and strength of the product. The framework is made of a chipboard, a tree, metal;
the mechanism of transformation of a sofa - various options are possible. For example, "Accordion", "Dolphin", "Puma";
filler - springs, polyurethane foam, spring "Snake";
the size of the sofa for sleeping - you need to look at who the sofa is intended for: for a child, one person or for two people;
type of upholstery - fabric presented in a wide range. You can choose the color and texture of the material.

Let's look at all the criteria in more detail. Then it will be easier for you to choose an orthopedic sofa for sleeping in accordance with all requests.


How to choose the right sofa for everyday sleep? People who live in the compact conditions of modern small apartments, give up bulky beds. They save space and prefer rational solutions. When choosing a sofa bed for sleeping, buyers pay attention to the following aspects:

The variety and reliability of the decomposition mechanism - practicality is important here. The mechanism of unfolding of a sofa has to be durable. The floor must not be damaged during the transformation.
Bed size - when folded, almost any standard sofa can accommodate 3-4 seated adults and even more children. But people's habits are different: someone uses a large pillow, someone sleeps with arms and legs spread in all directions, and someone constantly turns from side to side. It all requires more length and width. The optimal size of the bed - 200/210 cm long and 160 cm wide (but not less than 140 cm);
Beauty - modern models of sofas differ in originality and uniqueness. The furniture fits harmoniously into the interior and adds new notes;
Functionality of a sofa - all mechanisms (except "Dolphin") have capacious boxes for bed linen. This is a useful option that buyers appreciate. Bed linen and pillows can be folded in a box, not in the closet, thus saving space in the apartment, in the house.


The framework is a basis of a design. The materials used during production are indicators of product durability. There are three types of frames for sofas on the market: metal, wood and chipboard.


The first two options occupy more than 90% of the market. They are well-deserved popularity due to their high reliability. Particleboard is a more economical option.

This material does not have high strength. It is used in the manufacture of elements that do not show a serious load. Therefore, we will consider only two options: natural wood and metal.


High-quality wooden frames are made of dry pine, beech, oak and birch plywood of various thicknesses. The crossbars are a flat spring snake or convex elastic beech slats installed in special plastic fasteners (so that the wood does not creak and does not make sounds during damping).

The main advantages of sofas with a wooden frame include a long period of operation and resistance to loads.


The basis of the frame is steel or aluminum. Such sofas are quite heavy, but they are reliable and durable. Metal frames are repairable. Their key features are high strength and corrosion resistance. Folding sofas with a metal frame can withstand heavy loads and last a long time.


How to choose a sofa for sleeping, based on the mechanism of transformation? We are ready to help you with this.

The transformation mechanism is an element that is responsible for comfort, speed of unfolding and how much space the sofa takes up when unfolded. We immediately want to give you a professional recommendation from the manufacturer. Folding sofas with the Pantograph mechanism are optimally suitable for a dream.

Here are the advantages of this solution. First, the sofa can be laid out safely for the floor. Secondly, even a child can handle such a simple mechanism. Third, the transformation process takes seconds. And one more moment. The mechanism of transformation "Pantograph" provides existence of a capacious box for things. This is a huge advantage.


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