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Types of modern mechanisms for the transformation of upholstered sofas

Talking about the ways of folding sofas, it makes no sense to analyze for a long time their advantages and disadvantages, operating conditions and other important points. In most cases, it is enough to describe and demonstrate the principle of their actions. Based on this simple information, the buyer can understand better than any consultant on which sofa is right for him.

Types of modern mechanisms for the transformation of upholstered sofas


The sofa transformation mechanism is a system that ensures it's converting into a full bed.

Today, both classic and modern mechanisms for transformation are available on the market


Products of this type for decades could be found both in European homes and in Soviet apartments. The popularity is explained by the convenient folding/unfolding algorithm, the general simplicity and reliability of the mechanisms, as well as the low cost.

Regarding the name: this sofa, of course, is not for reading. Just in the process of folding it opens and closes, like a book.

For folding, you need to raise the front sash (seat) until it clicks, and then lower it back.


This type of folding mechanism is one of the variations on the theme of the classic “book”. An important difference is an additional convenience: a “click-gag” or “click-clack”, as it is also called, allows you to set the backrest in a reclining position.

Raise - "click", lower - "clack". The creators were not too wise in choosing the name for this type of construction.

The base of the “click-clack” frame is a metal structure, while the “books” are wooden. And also this type of mechanism has only three versions, so picking up spare parts will not be a problem.


This is another version of the "library" theme. However, it has almost nothing to do with the classic "book". The design is extremely simple, and from the mechanics, in it, there are only wheels on which the seat is extended during transformation, and a pair of furniture loops, on which is kept and horizontally laid backrests.

The Eurobook - this is not a classic "book" at all and even does not look like it. Which, however, does not make it less convenient or reliable.

The features of the "euro book" make it reliable, affordable and convenient to transport - the furniture can be disassembled into lighter and more compact parts with little effort.


The Accordion consist of three shutters, one of which is the seat and the other two are the backrest. In the “sofa” condition, this backrest is a vertically arranged “book”, and when transformed to a “bed”, it unfolds, moving off behind the extendable seat.

Even on such an "accordion", you can play. Do not know how? Ask the children, they will show.

This design is not as complicated as it may seem. It is quite reliable and comfortable, especially in small-sized models.


This type of construction is characterized by the fact that all the details of the sofa itself are fixed, and only one section, which is put forward to create a comfortable berth, is transformed.

“Dolphin” - because the extra section "emerges" from the compartment located under the seat.

"Dolphin" is highly survivable, and even if the transformation mechanism fails, it will not affect the appearance of the furniture and it can still be used as a regular sofa.

Retractable telescope

If we started the review with the simplest types of structures, then these products would most likely be at the very top of the list. In their mechanics, there is practically nothing but the guide rails and rollers/wheels. Even the hinged or stacked segments in many models are not connected to other sections, but simply stored in special niches.

It is difficult to call the “telescope” something modern, but it has admirers who choose it for its incredible simplicity and low cost.

Connoisseurs of elegant solutions often prefer other types of folding mechanisms, but lovers of simple things often buy just such sofas.


In contrast to the extremely simple retractable options, the “puma” looks much more complicated and elegant. In addition, upholstered furniture with this transformation option is able to provide a higher level of comfort, because with similar dimensions in the unfolded form of "puma" can form a berth of really large size.

Three movable sections and a non-transformable backrest mounted in a fixed position are the hallmarks of upholstered furniture with mechanisms such as “puma”.


Pantograph is a modified version of the classic “Eurobook”. Unlike the latter, the seat section in it does not move out on wheels, but "takes a step" to the desired position. This type of transformation is more convenient and does not spoil the floor covering when used carelessly.

The backrest of the “pantograph” furniture is folded in the same way as a regular "euro book". Thanks to the "walking" mechanism, they are easier to use, but not so convenient to transport, as all parts of the structure are mechanically interconnected.


The classic “lit” has a compartment for storing pillows or bedding at the bottom. It differs from all other types of folding sofas in that it has transformable armrests and not a backrest.

Lit is very compact when folded, allows you to adjust the angle of each armrest, but is convenient only for one person.

French clamshell

The mechanism looks complicated, and it is. In fact, the “French clamshell” is “2 in 1”. It is a classic sofa combined with a classic cut, which is stored in the lower compartment.

"Get the clamshell out of the sofa" is about the "French clamshell." However, an extra bed with such furniture will not take up space in the pantry or balcony and will always be at hand.

Each of the upholstered furniture options may be preferable for a particular customer or intended operating conditions. Take a look at the AMERS sofa range and contact our consultants to find out what model is ideal for you.

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