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Sofa Transformer: The Perfect Solution for a Small Room

Transformer sofa is a universal type of furniture that is suitable for leisure and everyday sleep. Next we will tell you what are the designs and which option to choose for your needs.

Sofa Transformer: The Perfect Solution for a Small Room

When arranging a small apartment or room, it is important to choose the right furniture for sleeping, which combines comfort, practicality and saving free space. Among many options, the best solution is a sofa-transformer. It is perfect for both leisure and leisure with guests, as well as daily sleep. If necessary, the furniture quickly folds into a compact design and takes up a minimum of usable space. In our article we will talk in detail about the features of this type of sofa and help with choosing the best option.


Sofas with a transformation mechanism were invented in Germany. Initially, they were compact beds with built-in drawers for storing linen. Such structures were installed in small rooms of servants. Later in the life of the British firmly rooted chests of drawers. At home, they served as a place to store things, and on trips were used as suitcases.

Transformer furniture became popular at the end of the XIX century, when in the West people began to live en masse in rented apartments. In such apartments, the issue of functionality and space savings was acute. Therefore, Europeans began to use transformers with a cabinet, which provided shelves for storing things and items in the morning toilet. Popular in those years were German furniture, which combined a bed and a kitchen table. They were made in the form of a bedside table in which the bed was hidden.

In the 20s of last century, manufacturers began to pay much attention to design. Since then, the sofa-bed transformer has served not only as a bed, but also a full-fledged interior item. Under the curtain of the previous century, "disappearing" models came into vogue, which were transformed into a sleeping area if necessary.


Sofas with a mechanism of transformation differ in functionality, method of decomposition and size. Next we will consider in detail the main parameters of the furniture.


Transformers are of the following types:

Transformer sofa bed. A classic version that serves as a sofa during the day and decomposes into a comfortable bed for sleeping at night;
Sofa-desk. After a night's rest, the furniture can be transformed into a table. The length of the surface depends on the design model. The table can be small for reading and eating, and spacious for full work on a laptop or with documents;
Sofa wall. The furniture is completed with shelves in which it is convenient to store books, toys, clothes, bedding and other things.


The method of decomposition determines the convenience during the transformation of furniture and the amount of space occupied by the structure in the folded and unfolded state. According to this criterion, the sofa bed transformer is divided into several types:

Book. To unfold, simply remove the back and armrest cushions, then push the seat forward. The newly formed niche is filled with a back. The sofa has a compartment for storing bedding to save usable space in the room;
French folding bed. During the organization of a berth the seat is removed, and from below the two-stage folding bed gets. It has solid supports that can withstand two adults. This sofa is much more comfortable than a classic sofa bed, but it is better to use as a guest option. In the case of continuous operation, the metal mesh quickly begins to creak and may break;
Accordion. This sofa unfolds in seconds. It is enough to raise the seat, and the furniture turns into a full-fledged bed. Inside many models there is a box for linen and bedding;
Dolphin. It is used only in corner sofas of transformers. To unfold the furniture, you need to pull forward the platform located under the seat. The surface seems to jump out from under the bottom, hence the name of the mechanism;
Rolling sofa. A platform is pushed out from the lower part of the furniture, and a second pillow is placed on top of it, located on the seat. Designs are equipped with boxes for linen. Before buying, note that the organization of the bed will need a lot of space;
Hypertransformers. During disassembly, all additional elements are removed: pillows, backrest, armrests and other parts. Such designs are convenient, but not designed for everyday use;
Podium bed. When folded, the sofa is a wooden structure in the form of a slightly raised floor. From it on rollers leaves a niche with a mattress, located at a height of 20-50 cm. This solution not only saves usable space, but also has a good look in any interior.


These models are suitable for children's rooms. The compact sizes allow to organize not only a berth, but also a game zone.

When folded, the furniture is a traditional sofa. During the unfolding of the children's sofa transformer, a two-tier structure is formed on metal supports. The furniture has a ladder for easy ascent to the second "shelf" and a side board for safe sleep.

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