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Benefits of making custom sofas

In search of exclusive interior items, many clients choose custom-made furniture. Unique products meet all user requirements for design and comfort.

Benefits of making custom sofas

Most furniture showrooms offer standard products in a limited selection of shapes, colors and sizes. A narrow assortment repels customers, since it makes it impossible to realize unique design ideas or compactly place an interior item in a small room. These and many other problems are solved by custom-made sofas. This direction is one of the trends in the Ukrainian furniture market, and exclusive products are available for a wide range of consumers.

What is a custom sofa?

Each customer seeks to receive a single copy of a product that cannot be found at anyone's home, office, shopping center or other public institution. Classic furniture showrooms are unable to meet the needs of discerning buyers, as they rarely update their catalog. Custom-made furniture allows you to get an original product with which you can achieve style unity in interior design and ensure maximum comfort in use.

The customer and the manufacturer's representative agree on all the nuances in advance. The buyer can express his wishes on the following parameters:

  • Dimensions. Factories make custom-sized sofas for rooms of different sizes - from a small room in a communal room to spacious lobbies and cinemas. Due to the variability of dimensions, the customer can save useful space in the room and install furniture in the place where a standard product from the salon lacks a few centimeters. In addition, a model of unique dimensions can harmoniously fit into a room with a non-standard layout;
  • Colour. Furniture salons usually offer a rich palette of colors, but true connoisseurs of interior art want to see a certain shade from the RAL table. A custom-made sofa is the best solution for the implementation of non-standard design ideas;
  • Type of fabric. Many people are not satisfied with the material in the basic configuration because of the ugly texture, difficult care or individual intolerance (allergies). When ordering a sofa individually, the client can choose the fabric of his choice: velor, jacquard, tapestry, natural leather, suede, etc. Please note that the material affects the cost of the finished product;
  • Functionality. The production models do not take into account the personal requirements of people for comfort while sleeping. For example, a customer may not be satisfied with the basic soft filler or the transformation mechanism. To solve this problem, you just need to communicate your requirements to the designer-constructor. He will select the best option and suggest other ideas based on his experience.

When making upholstered furniture to order, you get a product that fully meets your requirements for appearance and comfort, and will also serve for many years. The sofa, made in a single copy, reflects a sense of style in the interior and speaks of the high status of the owner. Therefore, the service is in demand not only among individuals, but also in business circles.

What sofas can be custom made?

Customers are not limited in the choice of custom-made upholstered furniture, but the most popular are three types of sofas: corner, straight and modular.

Corner sofas

This is an L-shaped piece of furniture that is compactly installed in the corner of the room. These models have proven themselves well in small rooms. Custom-made corner sofas are made for both leisure and everyday sleep. Furniture is made with various transformation mechanisms, depending on the area of the room.

Straight sofas

Straight sofas - classic option for family vacations, get-togethers with friends and meeting guests. Depending on the client's wishes, custom-made straight sofas can be designed for 2, 3, 4 or more people. Installation against the wall is considered traditional, but in non-standard layouts, furniture looks appropriate in the middle of the room.

Modular sofas

Universal models, consisting of several parts of various shapes. Thanks to these elements, the furniture can be used for sleeping or separately as armchairs. Modular sofas are popular with people who like to experiment with their interiors. This furniture is often found in living rooms of studio apartments and coworking centers.

Stages of making upholstered furniture to order

The production of exclusive sofas is carried out in the following order:

  1. Discussion of the concept. The client chooses a ready-made solution from the catalog, which serves as the basis for creating a sketch. The designer-constructor takes into account the wishes of the customer for the color, type of fabric and size of the product, and also offers his ideas.
  2. Coordination of the design project. The customer is provided with a project of upholstered furniture in three-dimensional space with an indication of all the characteristics of the product. The 3D model allows you to see the sofa from all angles and with high realism. If necessary, make adjustments to the sketch. After agreeing on all the nuances, the designers transfer the project to specialists from the assembly shop.
  3. Furniture assembly. This stage includes assembling the frame, installing a spring block with a dense woven material, and covering the structure with a matched fabric.
  4. Finishing decoration. Experts carry out a control check and pack the sofa in cardboard and polyethylene. Then the goods are sent to their destination.

If you want to get an exclusive sofa, contact Amers for the production of upholstered furniture to order in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Zhitomir and other cities of Ukraine. Our factory specializes in assembling luxury designer furniture from premium quality materials. For production we use only environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic fabrics, and the palette includes more than 150 colors and shades for every taste. We also carry out free delivery of material samples so that you can choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Amers has a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of custom sofas in Ukraine. Each piece of furniture made in our factory combines a sense of style, attention to detail, comfortable and durable use.

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