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The best fillers for upholstered furniture

Let's say bluntly: upholstered furniture filler is a material that provides softness of this furniture and is located between the frame and upholstery. That is, real buyers may be interested in what makes upholstered furniture the way they are and which option to choose

The best fillers for upholstered furniture

Here we consider all the popular varieties of "fillers", even if experts call them something differently.

Spring block

The springs assembled into blocks are an old, simple and inexpensive technology, which, in addition to the listed advantages, also has some disadvantages.

For example, the simplest “Bonnel” blocks have interconnected springs. They are quite comfortable, but significantly inferior to more modern and technological materials.

Blocks of independent springs or "pocket spring" are devoid of some of these disadvantages and are quite worth the attention, and not only in inexpensive sofas.


Lamels are, like spring blocks, not even filler. Their presence in the design of the sofa not only supports the layer of the main filler but also assumes some of its functions.

The ability to spring with increasing load and restore its original shape perfectly matches the operating conditions in upholstered furniture. Lamels are made from an ordinary wooden veneer.

Polyurethane foam

A material based on synthetic polymers can have different density and price. PPU of proper quality has many advantages, among which are high elasticity and durability, strength, and the ability to quickly restore shape. The polyurethane foam does not emit harmful substances, so it is safe for health.

Due to a good combination of good performance and low price, it is widely used in the manufacture of sofas.


Manufacturers of cheap upholstered furniture also often use it. Sintepon has good resilience characteristics, so in the furniture store, you will probably like a sofa with sintepon padding.

The main drawback is relatively short-lived. The material eventually loses its properties and ceases to restore its original shape.

Because of this, the furniture becomes less attractive and comfortable than it used to be.

Hollow fiber

If there is an ideal sintepon, then this is hollow fiber. The improved technology allows producing new material from similar raw materials, which has practically no shortcomings. What is especially important, hollow fiber perfectly restores its original shape even after long deformation. The special structure of small balls is also resistant to wear. The only nuance is the much higher price than sintepon.


According to its name, this material is a synthetic substitute for fluff. It is similar to the prototype in appearance and partly performance. The filler made of thin polyester fiber perfectly springs restores its shape, passes air and moisture well, but does not absorb it. The material is suitable for stuffing decorative pillows, armrests and the back of a sofa.


The good old felt is obtained by felting from ordinary natural wool. The material is used mainly in "pie" together with other fillers. High density and durability make it possible to use felt like a protective or reinforcing layer for other, softer and more delicate materials. The strong crust, which is formed during the hot rolling of felt, allows it to cover the spring blocks and thus protect the upholstery from piercing.

Foam rubber

The main advantage of foam rubber is its low cost. This material is most often found in cheap models of sofas. On this, the advantages end and the disadvantages begin.

The main ones are low strength and durability. If the sofa with foam rubber inside will be intensively used, its service life will be much shorter than in versions with other variants of the filler.


This is one of the best in terms of performance and one of the most expensive fillers for furniture. Latex is obtained by processing natural juice from rubber plants. It is used mainly in the manufacture of sofas and other upholstered furniture of the highest class.

The latex filler for sofas is soft and elastic, restores shape well and is able to maintain these properties for decades.


If the spring block is a substitute for natural fillers for upholstered furniture, then Durafil is a synthetic substitute for spring blocks, which is very similar in its properties.

Polyester fibers located vertically and intertwined with each other are quite soft, but at the same time, they hold and restore shape well. Durafil does not absorb moisture or release any harmful substances during operation.

All of these materials can be used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. Some are able to perform the functions of the filler on their own, others - only in the "pie", in combination with others, different from the properties and characteristics. In order not to be mistaken in the choice of materials, just buy finished products from well-known manufacturers with an impeccable reputation, for example, AMERS upholstered furniture.

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