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Types of sofas. What sofa to choose?

Some people come to the furniture store only with their own roulette, others can just point their finger at what they liked at first glance, the third choose something more expensive, and the fourth choose the most affordable option. Each of the buyers has their own preferences and requirements, but each of them should be given simple tips on how and what sofa to choose.

Types of sofas. What sofa to choose?


Make your choice seriously, because you should live with it!

If the next day after its appearance in the house you realize that does not like it, that only against the background of others it looked so attractive, then the decision was made hot-headed and now you have to get rid of it, or at least endure it. Deciding what sofa is most suitable specifically for you and for the room, in which it will be used, is better before going to the store. It is better to have at least a general idea about the upholstery and filler options, about the types of the folding mechanism and about possible varieties by type of construction.

... but not so seriously, the sofa is not forever!

You will often be in close contact with it, but still, you should not overestimate its significance, because the sofa is not a life partner. It is absolutely normal for the furniture to become bored after a while, and it can and should be replaced. In response to the indignant exclamations about ecology and responsible consumption, the answer is simple: used furniture in good condition quickly finds a new owner and continues to serve, so nature does not suffer in any way.

That’s in general. But if you stay away from the lyrics, then the algorithm for choosing the right sofa is quite simple:


  • It must be beautiful, harmoniously complement the interior, and fit its size


The attractive design is more important than it might seem at first glance. Often, buyers regret after a week that they compromised and bought a not so beautiful, albeit more affordable model. In most cases, furniture is bought for at least a few years, so excessive savings on these issues are inappropriate. And roulette in your pocket will help you not to drag an elephant into your nest.


  • It should be comfortable on it


Not all models are equally comfortable. More precisely, there is a convenient option for each buyer. For some, the conditions of rest in front of the TV are important, others are looking for a comfortable folding bed, for some the same filler will be too soft, for others - hard. Just test and understand what’s best for you.


  • It must be of high quality and durable


In most cases, the materials, used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, determine its quality and durability. And good materials cost a lot, otherwise, no one would buy expensive models. In general, only the quality of the upholstery can be visually or tactfully evaluated, and even then without any guarantees. The rest has to rely on the honesty and the image of the manufacturer.


  • It should cost exactly as much as the buyer can pay for it


In developed countries, people know that buying cheap things is more expensive. For example, expensive, high-quality shoes serve for years without problems, while cheap shoes last only one season, and even then, without much pleasure for the owner. It must be remembered, that cheap furniture is not just that cheap. Like expensive ones. Creating quality things, the manufacturer pays more for quality materials and components.

What kind of sofas can be?

You can read about upholstery options, fillers, and folding/unfolding mechanisms in other articles in this section. Here we will mention the main varieties of sofas by type of construction.

  • Direct

This is perhaps the oldest, most famous and most common type of construction. Probably the world's first sofa was just like that. Direct models are perfectly placed both near the wall and in the center of the room.

  • Corner

These L-shaped constructions were designed specifically to be installed and operated in the corner of the room. In many cases, they look more interesting than direct models, and often help to use space more efficiently. It is convenient to communicate on such a sofa by being half-turned to your interlocutor. Such sofas are perfectly combined with low tables. When choosing a model, keep in mind that it can be right-handed and left-handed.

  • Modular

Such furniture consists of separate modules that can be moved and transformed into the requirements of a certain space or according to your mood. Those who liked to experiment with the arrangement of furniture or move from place to place will accurately appreciate the benefits of such furniture.

  • Island

An island is one that is installed in the middle of the room, not near the wall. Such models are distinguished by a solid decoration of quality materials from all sides. Their backside in terms of design is no less important than the front. It is optimal to install island sofas in spacious rooms because small rooms with such furniture become frankly cramped.

To understand what a high-quality, modern sofa is, look at the AMERS catalog. Our consultants will answer all the questions for which you will not find answers in the description of the presented goods.

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