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Overview of Sofas

Sofas review

The AMERS production program includes dozens of sofa models, each of which will certainly be optimal for the customer's specific conditions, needs, requests, and preferences.

Understanding such a wide variety can be difficult because different models differ in the type of construction, design, color schemes, materials of which they are made, folding mechanisms and other parameters.

"AMERS" consultants are ready to help you choose a sofa. To do this, just contact us: you can use the form of direct online connection on our website, call us or write to our email address. But before asking questions,

 AMERS Consultants are ready to help you decide on your sofa. To do this, just contact us: you can use, call us or write to our email address. But before asking questions about sofas, we recommend you re-read the reviews of sofas presented in this section.

Here you will find:

  • Reviews of direct, corner and modular sofas;
  • Description of their technical features;
  • List of materials used in production;
  • Recommendations on where to use a particular model;
  • Its price positioning;
  • Other information that may be interesting or useful before buying new furniture.

The section provides reviews of only current models. If you did not find an article about a product you are interested in, then it will appear a little later. In this case, feel free to contact a consultant, who will provide you with all the necessary information.

For customers, whom high-quality illustrations and detailed descriptions are not enough, who need to see furniture on their own eyes and touch it with their own hands, see how the folding mechanism works, sit or even lie on it for a bit, we recommend visiting furniture stores in which AMERS is represented.

Read the reviews, determine the priority models and visit the outlets, the addresses of which are listed in the "Where to buy?" section.

The success of our business is impossible without satisfied customers. Accordingly, the main goal of AMERS is to create beautiful, comfortable, quality and affordable furniture that can please customers.


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