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How to assemble and disassemble the corner sofa?

Not everything is so bad. In this article, we will consider how to dismantle / assemble the corner sofa yourself, how to monitor the work of the called master of furniture assembly and what is worth and what not to do in the process of dismantling and transportation.

How to assemble and disassemble the corner sofa?

What is the most massive and beautiful decoration of the living room? No, it's not a big plasma on the wall. Of course, we are talking about a beautiful and comfortable corner sofa. It is this product occupies most of the area of ​​the room, it is he who hospitably hosts you and your guests and withstands all the pranks of children. But in case you decide to move him to another room, apartment, etc., he can play a cruel joke with you. In appearance everything is simple: unscrewed where necessary, folded the parts, packed and ready. But, here, especially among inexperienced masters, there can be a number of serious, and sometimes insurmountable, difficulties. Which at best will result in an ineffectively spent time, and at worst - to damage or break fastening mechanisms and furniture parts.


How to collect or disassemble a corner sofa in 15 minutes?

For 15 minutes - to disassemble the sofa is impossible. Unless you are a mythical CCM on assembling / disassembling anything with years of experience. The corner sofa is a bulky part of the apartment's furniture, so the skidding / removal / transportation is done in disassembled form. This greatly simplifies all the manipulations necessary for the movement of furniture, and its placement in the back of the truck also. If you simulate the situation, you may need to assemble / disassemble in several cases:
  1. You are not a lazy person and want to collect a newly bought sofa yourself.
  2. You invited the master to assemble / disassemble and want to competently control his actions, as a customer with knowledge of the matter.
  3. You have to move and need to move the sofa.
Let's first figure out what you should take care of before transporting the couch.
  • Stock up with a stretch film. It will protect the soft parts of furniture from scuffs, dust and dirt, hooks, moisture. Just wrap it with the necessary details.
  • It is not superfluous to buy corrugated cardboard. This is in case the design of the armrests of your sofa includes elements of polished wood, etc. It is also possible to use a thin foamed foamed polymeric material.
  • Disassemble the sofa yourself? Be sure to read in detail the scheme of assembly / disassembly, if any, or look for information on the Internet.

Features of the design that should be considered in the process

First, we will determine with what type of construction we will work. Corner sofas can be classified according to the following criteria:

1. connecting element:

  • triple or block in two places, fastened by a corner element;
  • block for three seats or a double block with a sofa, which is perpendicular.

2. features of the main part:

  • The "eurobook" format;
  • The construction of the "accordion";
  • Scheme of the transformation element "dolphin";
  • The format is "an American clamshell."

We go on the points.

How to disassemble a sofa - eurobook?

To begin with, it is worth noting that sofas of this type of construction are divided into three types of system of transformation mechanisms, such as:

  1. "Click-clack";
  2. Classical eurobook;
  3. Eurobook.

From the instrument, you will need a car key. Instructions for analyzing the sofas "click-clack" and classic:

  1. Raise the seat and put it on the back.
  2. If there are sidewalls, it is necessary to unscrew the fasteners with which they are equipped.
  3. We remove the seat, by unscrewing the fasteners.
  4. We develop fasteners, which fixes the back of the sofa.

When analyzing the eurobook, we remove only the side parts and the roll-out section, because in the sofas of this type the seat and back are combined into one block.

How to disassemble a sofa - an accordion?

This type of sofas has received such an interesting name for the features of its design, similar to something about the mechanism of the "bellows" accordion. The frame of the sofa-accordion usually consists of 3 sections, which are fastened together. If you push the seat forward, the backrest will lower, transforming into a sleeper. Such a sofa is equipped with a metal frame, which is filled with wooden slats. Required tool set:
  • The key is carob on 10, 12-14;
  • Flat slotted screwdriver.
  1. We begin with the dismantling of the retainers of the rear bar, pulling the sidewalls of the structure. Remove the sidewalls and set them aside.
  2. We take out the headboard and triple frame. The frame is rolled out on the box, so you need to remove it.
  3. Dismantling the box: lift the seat and unscrew the bolts that fix it.
Total, dismantling the accordion sofa we have in front of 3 parts:
  • Linen box;
  • The mechanism;
  • Lateral parts.
The above manipulations are sufficient to transport the sofa without much difficulty. Just do not forget to pack everything properly for safekeeping.

How to dismantle / assemble a corner sofa?

The corner sofa is a rather massive (dimensional) corner structure, which will take some time to analyze. It depends on the experience of the master, the availability of the necessary tools and the comfort of the work. Required Tools:
  • Furniture gun (stapler);
  • The key is carob on 10, 12-14;
  • Flat slotted screwdriver.
  1. First of all, we remove cushions and covers (if they are);
  2. Further we move the sofa away from the wall, so that it would be convenient for you to work;
  3. We study the types of fastening. This is necessary in order to determine the need for an additional tool for dismantling. Pay attention: if the mounts are located in hard-to-reach places under the upholstery, it is better to resort to the help of professionals, so as not to damage the upholstery itself and not incur additional financial costs for its repair. If you still want to do all the work yourself, you should take care of the presence in your arsenal of a tool such as a furniture gun (aka a stapler). You will need to carefully remove the brackets already on the surface, remove the upholstery, make the necessary manipulations and return everything to its place. This is where you will need a stapler.
  4. Go ahead. Remove the sidewalls, and in some models, first dismantle the tightening bar, which is on the back of the sofa.
  5. After that, detach parts of the seats, or both parts of the corner element.
  6. We study the short part. In case of connecting the frame to the seat with certain fasteners, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts and remove the soft part. If there is a backrest on the short part, dismantle it.
  7. We leave the corner element untouched.
  8. We pass to the most exciting moment - the analysis of the main part. This process depends on what kind of transforming mechanism is in your couch. Basically, in modern sofas, the laundry box is, in fact, the only part that can be dismantled. Back and seat, often, represent a single unit, which can only be disassembled with the help of a master of furniture assembly. But it's worth doing only in case of emergency.
  9. The final stage. We dismantled the corner sofa, it remained only to reliably pack all its parts to avoid their damage when moving and transporting.
Tips for packing the already dismounted sofa:
  • The side parts of the structure can be packed together. Due to their structure, they will not damage each other during transportation.
  • The remaining elements of the design must be packed separately. Carefully wrap them with a stretch film or cardboard.
  • The seat and the backrest, which are not foldable, are pressed against each other as closely as possible.
  • We recommend that you fold all the fasteners separately and sign it so that you do not have confusion when collecting them.

How to assemble a sofa?

Let's now talk about the reverse process - the dismantling of the couch. Usually, modern sofas fall to their owners in a semi-split condition. That is, the main parts have already been collected, and you need to work with fixing additional elements. Good manufacturers and companies sellers, offer their client such a package:
  1. Sofa in semi-disassembled condition;
  2. Required keys, for its assembly;
  3. Assembly instruction.
If you have all this, we can proceed with the assembly. We will act step by step.

Stage number 1 - Preparation.

Carefully remove all parts of the sofa from the factory packaging, do not break anything and do not lose, we mean the mounting parts. We verify the presence of all parts of the future sofa with instructions. In the event that something is missing, we recommend that you immediately contact the seller, for additional delivery or replacement of the model. If all is agreed, go to the second stage of the assembly.

Stage number 2 - We put the sofa on the legs.

If the design of the sofa provides decorative legs, attach them immediately, otherwise it can be done, but it is quite difficult.

Stage number 3 - Assembly of the sofa.

And then the most interesting and responsible process begins. Regardless of what kind of transformation mechanism your sofa has, its basic design in any case consists of such parts as:

  • basic frame;
  • large additional details (armrests, back, ottoman);
  • small additional details (fittings and other decorative elements).

Due to the uniformity of the designs of modern sofas, the assembly process is, in most cases, practically the same and includes a number of manipulations:

  1. Installation of fasteners. We combine the holes of the fasteners and screw the furniture bolts or screws in them according to the instructions in the assembly instructions. Carry out all operations with proper care, in order not to damage the thread inadvertently.
  2. If the back and seat of your sofa are not previously secured, fix them in the same way as the first point.
  3. We pass to the armrests. Again we address to the instruction, we study the information and we fasten armrests, alternately, from each side from the basis of a sofa.
  4. In the presence of additional elements, such as, for example, a false-backrest or a laundry compartment, we install them in the designated places.

So the general instruction on assembling the sofa sounds. But, for today, there are so many variations of models on the market that separately taken of them can have a number of features. About them also we will talk further. The main types of sofas today are as follows:

  1. Straight sofa.
  2. Corner sofa.
  3. Modular sofa.

If the design of the direct sofa provides a section for the laundry, the assembly process can begin with the fact that you will first need to install the armrest on the laundry box, and then connect this case with the backrest.

In the case of a corner sofa, do not forget to check the angle provided by the manufacturer. If you, as a real innovator, have purchased a sofa with a so-called universal angle, then evaluate the situation of the room and choose the optimal side yourself.

As for modular sofas, they are usually supplied by separate factions (modules) and you just have to create a sofa for your taste. but depending on the complexity of the design, there may be a need for complex assembly of individual modules. Here you need to act according to the instructions.

Stage number 4 - Quality control and verification mechanism.

The sofa is almost assembled and ready to please you with a comfortable rest. Now is the time to check its quality characteristics and check the assembly. Have you done everything right? First of all, we check the mechanism itself. Try to decompose, and then fold the sofa. If there are no unnecessary sounds, you do not have to exert additional effort to activate it and the assembled sofa easily transforms into an even sleeping place, congratulations, the assembly was successful. If something goes wrong, go back to the beginning of the instruction and check the execution of all the steps that it indicates. Building a sofa is a responsible job. There is nothing particularly difficult, but if you neglect to take care of any stage and collect a sofa poorly, not only will it last for a shorter period, so all households will complain about discomfort when using a sofa.

If you are not completely sure of your abilities, you are reluctant to spend for this time or it simply does not exist, entrust the assembly of the couch to a professional. Fortunately, today the bulk of sellers offer assembly services. This will ensure a long life for your sofa, and you will save precious nerve cells, time and energy. We hope our article will help you in case of need to avoid difficulties in assembling / disassembling and transporting your furniture.
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