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Scandinavian sofas

Scandinavia is a moss-grown stone. It is an old spruce in a quiet moist forest. It is covered with boards and grass-covered roofs of small houses. These are family values ​​and simple but high-quality things that are passed down from generation to generation.

Scandinavian sofas


Sofas in the Scandinavian style are modern upholstered furniture, comfortable and stylish, but also fully consistent with the canons of the unique Scandinavian design school. It never looks patchy or pretentious, but always attracts attention with its cozy and solid appearance.

Qualitatively, rationally and functionally - the main pillars on which are based the "northern" approach to house planning, interior design, and furniture. Correct, concise geometry, as well as natural, health-friendly materials and high quality - these are the main values ​​without which it is difficult to imagine any furniture that has the right to be called "Scandinavian".


This style, as the fundamental Scandinavian design, was clearly formed in the 30-50s of the last century in several North European countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland), which are characterized by common or similar lifestyles and values.

Those, in turn, originate from the traditions of the sixteenth century, when craft guilds flourished, forming a unified approach to work and the creation of new things.

These traditions, supplemented subsequently by the influence of functionalism and modernism, formed the style in design that we now call Scandinavian.

While working in this direction, special care has been taken to remove as much as possible attention to emphasize the features of the material.

In the case of sofas in the Scandinavian style, this is expressed in the pronounced texture of wooden parts and upholstery.

In the process of developing this style, new materials (glass, plastic) were widely used, but traditional wood, textured fabric, and metal still have special respect.

Scandinavian style sofas have a special focus on shapes. Laconicism in everything is a guarantee that furniture will not get bored over time. It will always remain appropriate, regardless of fashion trends - and after five, ten or even twenty years.

Buy a quality sofa made of durable materials to enjoy coziness, comfort and not to spend money on frequent updates of furniture in your home. After all, rationality and care are the foundations of northern well-being.

How not to make a mistake? The main criteria:

General harmony and conciseness of forms.

While the southern trends of design often sought to maximize the use of complex and lush decorative elements, for northern schools the basic was the general perception of the product, its conciseness, and harmony. If you see any “extra” details, then this is most likely not quite a Scandinavian style.


Characteristic style.

Not every simple sofa is “Scandinavian”. Products of this type have a unique style, which manifests itself in a special combination of proportions, materials, as well as in the use of certain details.

Contrary to popular belief, high legs are possible, but not a necessary attribute of such sofas, especially folding models.

Striving for compactness.

Historically, the northern peoples were forced to lead an economical, frugal and extremely prudent lifestyle.

Later this feature became part of their culture and is manifested today in everything: in the design of houses, transport infrastructure, in the creation of furniture.

Bulky furniture does not allow efficient use of the useful space of small houses and apartments. So, it needs to be made compact, but not at the expense of functionality. Therefore, too lush and large armrests are an uncharacteristic feature for Scandinavian style sofas.

Absence of bright colors and catchy upholstery design.

Being humble for a Scandinavian is better than being challenging. That is why a calm upholstery design is exactly what you need.

The pronounced texture of materials. 

The furniture should be pleasant not only visually, but also to the touch. If you sit on the sofa and want to touch the upholstery and armrests - it means that the model meets this criterion.

Exceptional quality, focus on durability.

Often to buy new things is not only wastefulness but also ecological irresponsibility. A true resident of Northern Europe (not only by passport but also in spirit) will not allow himself to do this.

You can buy direct, corner and modular Scandinavian sofas of Ukrainian production at affordable prices in the AMERS online store. You can also find them in furniture stores in different cities and regions (addresses are available in the "Where to buy?" section).

Our employees are ready to answer your questions, help you choose the right sofa and place your order with the delivery of upholstered furniture in Ukraine.

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