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5 tips on how to arrange furniture in a room

There are several basic principles that designers use when arranging furniture. However, it is not necessary to be a professional to understand the basic things. So, placing furniture in the apartment, you should:

5 tips on how to arrange furniture in a room


  • with the help of a graphic program or by hand draw a plan of the room with an approximate arrangement of furniture on a scale

  • start from the size of the room: the smaller the room, the less overall the items

  • determine the functional areas: for rest, work, for sleep and with the number of objects in each of them

  • to think over the travel routes, so that the furniture does not block the way and does not leave bruises on the body

  • avoid placing soft furniture in a zone of direct sunlight to avoid burnout of the upholstery

  • not to have flower pots above the home library and equipment, so as not to pour technique and books, and use floor plants to fill the voids and ennoble the premises.

  • remember that the distance from the TV to the eyes must be at least three meters

  • think over lighting: general (chandelier) and point (floor lamps, sconces, table lamps)

In addition, when placing furniture, three main methods of arrangement are used: symmetrical, asymmetric and circular.

Symmetrical arrangement of furniture

What is symmetry everyone knows from the school bench: when the pair objects are located at the same distance from the center of the composition. Moreover, the center may not necessarily be the middle of the room, but any part of it selected by the starting point. Most often, the center is a TV or fireplace (if it is a living room), a bed (bedroom), a desk (a nursery or a study). A picture, an outdoor vase or a large statuette may well take on the role of the basis of composition.
So, the center is defined. Further, at the same distance from it, two pieces of furniture are placed. For example, chairs opposite the fireplace or TV. Bedside tables on the sides of the bed. Coffee table between chairs, etc. It is desirable that the objects were the same or made in the same style and uniform color scheme. Different furniture will help to unite If the furniture is different, then combine it in a single composition will be able to common elements of the decor.
Symmetrical arrangement is considered a classic and the simplest option, when you do not have to think about how to place furniture. The main thing is to choose the right center, the rest is a matter of technology.
However, this arrangement is only suitable for rooms with the correct form, because is able to identify the shortcomings of geometry.

Symmetrical arrangement of furniture

Asymmetric arrangement of furniture

If you have to furnish an apartment with geometric errors, you should choose a variant of asymmetric arrangement of furniture, capable of leveling the drawbacks of builders. And, in this case, furniture of different styles and shades will do.
Large pieces of furniture and equipment are placed along the walls, small ones are closer to the center. Thus, visual balance is achieved: large objects standing at a distance are balanced with small ones, standing closer. But this effect depends on the viewpoint, which is the most difficult task to choose. In order not to make mistakes, after arranging furniture it is desirable to go around the room from all sides and look at the composition from different angles. If the situation looks harmonious from all points, then the error did not happen.

Asymmetric arrangement of furniture

Circular arrangement of furniture

Furniture, located at an equal distance from the center and forming a circle, looks good in rooms with semicircular walls or bay windows. It is not recommended that such accommodation in small rooms, as it visually reduces space. But in large rooms, furniture can form even a few circles in different parts of the room. It looks very harmonious and attractive. As a center for a circular arrangement, a table or chandelier can be chosen.

Circular arrangement of furniture

And now we will give some advice on how to properly arrange furniture in the living room, bedroom, children's room and in the kitchen.

Council number one: arrangement of furniture in the living room

The name "living room", or as previously said - "hall", speaks for itself. This is the central room in the apartment or house where the whole family gathers, guests are received, holidays are held and friends and relatives meet.
If the area permits, a fireplace or a false fireplace is placed in the living room, which becomes the center of the furniture composition. Usually around the fireplace area a soft corner is made out: a sofa and armchairs. Moreover, objects can be turned both to the fireplace and from it. But still more pleasant, sitting comfortably in the armchair, looking at the flames, meditating and forgetting about cares.
For large living rooms it is important to think about zoning, that is, to determine a place for rest, for eating, perhaps for work. Moreover, the division into zones is achieved not only due to color solutions or decor, but also due to the correct arrangement of furniture in each designated zone.
In small living rooms the TV becomes. The furniture is located so that from anywhere you can see the screen. In such a composition perfectly fits the coffee table, which combines a sofa and two armchairs. Will end the impression of the same shelves, slides, vases or flower stands, ottomans, placed on the edges of the TV. In modest in the area of ​​living room furniture is better to arrange along the walls and not clutter the space with extra items. Minimalism for small rooms is the best choice, but a beautiful carpet or corner sofa will never interfere.

Council number two: arranging furniture in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for quiet sleep and rest, and there is no need to be wiser with the arrangement of furniture, giving preference to symmetry when the bed is located in the middle of the room, the headboard to the wall, on the sides of it are bedside tables, opposite or next - a dressing table and a closet for things.
If there is a need to organize a workplace in the bedroom, it must be balanced with decor elements in the opposite part of the room. In addition, a beautiful screen or partition will "cover" the working area and add to the interior of the charm.

Council number three: the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

A large kitchen is happiness for the hostess. Here you can afford and "island", and a bar, and a large dining table in the center, and a sofa, and even a circular arrangement of furniture.
But, unfortunately, the city apartments are equipped mainly with small kitchens, and their owners have nothing else to do but arrange furniture along the walls. Save folding tables that increase in size when the family gathers for a common dinner, corner pencil cases and sofas, retractable systems and other appliances.

Council number four: arranging furniture in the children's room

Children's room means minimalism - the less furniture, the more space is left for games and sports. But a bed, a desk, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers for things here should still be present. For security reasons, furniture should not have sharp corners. And to save space, it is preferable to choose furniture transformers. In any case, the bed is placed correctly against the wall, and the table by the window.

Council number five: decor elements for zoning space

As a decoration when zoning rooms and arranging furniture and should use additional accessories. For these purposes, stackers, screens, floor clocks, vases, flower stands, large figurines, home fountains, shelving and furniture items, such as coffee tables and serving tables, padded stools, bar counters, are great for these purposes.
Moreover, it is located in the most unexpected places, combining or, conversely, delimiting space, making the interior complete and concise.
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