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Types of modern mechanisms for transforming upholstered furniture

Often when choosing soft furniture, more attention is paid to cost, design and other external factors, forgetting that the main selection criteria should be the transformation mechanisms on the basis of which soft furniture is made. The service life of the folding mechanisms of transformation depends on the simplicity of the construction, the materials of which the mechanism is made, and also on the duration of use and the observance of the operating rules. To date, the mechanisms for transforming sofas and armchairs are very diverse.

Types of modern mechanisms for transforming upholstered furniture
The sofa for the buyer is, as a rule, a sleeping place that is easily and compactly assembled, and a place for daytime rest, and a container for laundry at the same time. Therefore, when buying a set of upholstered furniture, the choice of the transformation mechanism is of special importance, on which the comfort of furniture, the convenience and durability of its operation largely depend.
It should be noted that before each buyer there is a wide range of mechanisms in various designs, and, guided by his selection criteria, he can easily choose the option that will most suitably suit him.
The quality of the transformation mechanisms is determined by the following parameters:
  •  construction,
  •  simplicity and ease of unfolding,
  •  weight,
  •  maximum load-bearing capacity,
  •  material from which the mechanism is made (the more metal and less wood, the better),
  •  manufacturer manufacturing technology
  •  quality of coating mechanism (anodized, chrome, galvanized, painting, polymer coating),
  •  guaranteed number of folding-folding cycles,
  •  the possibility, in the presence of the mechanism of transformation in furniture, to create a box for laundry.
By the way of transformation, mechanisms can be conditionally divided into:


Sofa-book - one of the oldest and well-known mechanisms, suitable for daily use. Such a mechanism of transformation invariably enjoys popularity because of its convenience, comfort and durability.
Actions: in order to transform the sofa into a bed, it is enough to lift the seat up to a characteristic click, then lower it - the sofa is spread out.
Pros: compact; in the overwhelming majority of cases - the presence of boxes for laundry; the most affordable mechanism.
Cons: When arranging furniture in a room, it is necessary to take into account the distance behind the back of the book-sofa, which is necessary for transformation; with intensive or careless operation, the locks of the mechanism often break down; Despite the simplicity of the mechanism, some effort is required to transform the sofa.


One of the most popular mechanisms for today. "Eurobook" can be considered one of the most durable and lasting mechanisms of transformation.
The principle of folding in such models is very simple and reliable. He resembles a book and gave the name to this kind of sofas. Thanks to a special mechanism for unfolding you do not need to push the sofa away from the wall. The mechanism of transformation allows you to install an additional back. Such sofas are distinguished by a comfortable seat.
Actions: roll out (or pull) forward the seat of the sofa, gradually move the back from the vertical position to the horizontal (lower to the vacant seat) - the sofa is spread out.
Pros: ease of transformation, more even (as opposed to a book) bed, reliability, size of a berth, the presence of drawers for laundry, the possibility of putting the sofa close to the wall.
Features: it is desirable to have orthopedic armor, spring block or molded elastic polyurethane foam in the soft elements of the backrest and seats.


The drawback of the transformation of the "eurobook" (that the seat when "moving" on the floor) is easily eliminated by installing the "Tick-Tack" mechanism. The mechanism of transformation "Tick-Tak" appeared as an analog of the "Eurobook" mechanism.
The main difference between "Tick-Tak" and other mechanisms is the transformation scheme, in which roll-out rollers are not used. The folding system is quite simple. You just need to pull the seat up slightly and the rest of the mechanism will take over: the seat will rise slightly above the floor and sink at your feet. Sofas with this mechanism can be put on any floor surface, without worrying for parquet or carpet, because the seat when moving out "does not travel" on the floor, rises "up".


The most fashionable sofas in terms of design have such mechanisms. The support of the folding mechanism can be made of an armor, belt or metal mesh, over which, as a rule, a tent is made of high-strength fabric, which provides the structure with additional strength and elasticity. The best recognized support is from the lat. It is correct, if the armor is not located along, but across the sleeper.
Actions: remove small items (cushions, armrests) from the seat, pull the mechanism up and on itself, unfold the links, transforms into steel legs - the sofa is decomposed.
Pros: the folded sofa does not take up much space.
Cons: the impossibility of achieving an absolutely flat surface when unfolding, so it is better to use not every day, for example, as a guest option; the need to remove small items from the sofa every time before the transformation; there is no box for linen.
The mechanism of transformation "French clamshell" is ideal for sofas, which are not often used as a berth. This mechanism of transformation is also called "guest". When folded, the sofa is very compact, but when you transform it requires quite a lot of free space - the width of the sleeper can reach more than 180 cm, turning your sofa into a full bed.


Excellent comfortable model turns into a bed every day without much trouble. You just need to roll out from under the sofa space a wide base on the props with rubberized wheels and get a solid and comfortable bed with a hard base.
The mechanism used mainly in corner sofas. One part of the dolphin "Dolphin" is a seat. The second is contained in a special retractable block located under the seat.
Actions: pulling on the secret strap of the seat, push it to full decomposition.
Pros: a large sleeper, a flat surface of the sleeper, ease of transformation.
Cons: The reliability of the mechanism depends directly on the quality of the wood used.


Minimum space and maximum comfort - this sofa can be placed absolutely in any room. The mechanism of the sofa has special advantages: it is easily and quickly decomposed, durable and will last for many years. In the folded form the "Accordion" model takes up little space, and in the unfolded it turns into a spacious bed, the head of which can be additionally equipped with a backrest.
Due to the fact that the sofas with the "accordion" mechanism have a high, wide and even sleeper, they are perfect for a night rest. The mechanism is laid out easily by the principle of accordion.
Actions: slightly lifted the seat until it clicks, push it until the full decomposition of the sleeper (or it leaves forward)
Pros: reliability, in the assembled form it occupies a minimal area, a considerable amount of berth, linen boxes are possible.
Cons: the need for sufficient space for transformation.


To transform the sofa into a bed, it is necessary to pull on the bottom of the bed. Advantages of this type of transformation are:
  • The special strength of the transformation mechanism, which is designed for daily manipulation and for large loads;
  • Compactness folded;
  • The big area of a berth in a position "bed";
  • Convenience and ease of use.


The mechanism of the cougar is incredibly easy to operate, the durability and reliability are determined by the production in Poland. And most importantly, provides a comfortable rest for the end user.
Advantage of the cougar mechanism in the ease of unfolding: the seat "jumps" forward, and the second unit, which is under the seat, rises to the top forming a large and flat bed. With the transformation of your efforts will be minimal. The mechanism is equipped with a synchronizing device, through which the transformation is easy. It is necessary to pull the seat slightly upwards, and then the whole mechanism will take over the whole work. During the unfolding of the couch-cougar does not touch the floor. And even the most sensitive floor covering will not suffer from frequent transformations. The sofa is laid out in the "bed" position along the width of the berth.
The "Puma" mechanism is designed for daily use and represents a new, modern type of transformation mechanisms.
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