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"Bruno" sofa overview

Its success is due, first of all, to a balanced design, backed by high quality and an adequate price. The model has a sufficiently fresh and uncommon appearance that, at the same time, is not too bright or audacious. In practice, it is proven that this design allows products to remain relevant for a long time.


Proper geometric shapes are the basis of the appearance in this model. Almost straight, strict, but slightly smoothed lines of the sofa itself are complemented by eight decorative pillows that can be placed as you like - to your mood. Nearly two dozen upholstery shades are able to make the same model, both emphasized strict (gray and dark gray shades), and bright, attracting attention (orange or red fabric).

In general, Bruno's appearance does not have any excesses, which for someone will be a sign of excessive restraint, but others will certainly take it as an advantage.


When folded, Bruno is 270 cm long and 135 cm wide. For small rooms, this model may be a bit cumbersome, but in medium-sized and spacious rooms it will be optimal. In addition, being laid out in the "bed" position, Bruno forms a full, large berth measuring 200 * 170 cm: it is even larger than the Queen size and only slightly smaller than the King size.

Type of construction

Unfolding into the bed is carried out according to the principle of the classic "Eurobook".

The advantages of this type of construction are the ability to quickly and easily folding/unfolding the sofa, high reliability, and low cost. In addition, in the lower part, there is a spacious compartment for storing bedding.

The folding structure is divided into two parts to facilitate the transformation process - moving smaller sections is much easier than one large part.

Frame, materials

The frame is made of hardwood in combination with laminated particleboard and birch plywood. All materials do not emit harmful substances during operation and are harmless to health. The use of natural oak as a support material is a guarantee of strength and durability.

Filler, structure

Traditionally, for most modern upholstered furniture, a “pie” of different materials is used as a filler. This solution allows you to provide the required comfort and durability while remaining quite affordable.

The pie is based on wooden lamellas that support other layers of the mattress. It has a spring block in the shell of felt sheets. This sandwich, in turn, is covered with sheets of polyurethane foam, on top of which is a thin layer of syntepon. The next and last layer is upholstery.


Bruno is a typical representative of the middle price range. In the line of “direct” sofas from “AMERS”, you can find both more expensive models and cheaper options. Bruno differs from the latter in size (both folded and the size of the berth), frame and mattress materials, upholstery and design.

Corner and modular models are usually more expensive. Visually, it is easy to determine that Bruno is not a budget model at all, and it is advisable to install it in an appropriate interior.

Although, even in rooms with a simple design, it will not look like a foreign object, if only the dimensions of the room correspond to the class and size of the sofa itself.

Before you decide to buy a sofa, check out the offers from other sections of the AMERS catalog. Here you will find a beautiful and high-quality corner and modular models.

Also in the assortment are beds, armchairs, poufs, pillows, and accessories of our own production. For all questions, please contact our consultants.

Our furniture can be bought on credit or by installments, with home delivery, online or in stores in different regions of Ukraine.

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